Fake degree scandal: Umair pleads guilty in US, verdict to be announced on August 21

NEW YORK, July 22: Accused Umair Hamid has pled guilty for selling fake degrees at high costs under the garb of fake US colleges and universities. Instead of July 21, he will now be given the final sentence on August 21.

The accused has also signed an acceptance letter to pay $5 million and part of his wealth as fine in the fake degree-selling case.

By calling himself as the Pakistani company Axact’s vice president, the accused started the business of selling fake degrees in the US and other parts of the world at a very high level.

By going through the documents of this case from the US federal court, accused Umair Hamid of criminal case number 17 was kept under the supervision of the US law enforcement agencies. After receiving complaints from various residents, the inspector of the Postal Service Department kept investigating the case with a keen eye and also got support from the FBI. Finally, Umair Hamid was arrested on December 20, 2016.

However, on the basis of witnesses, who coordinated with the government, and proof gathered from various other sources, the lawyers presented a solid case in front of respected Judge Ronnie Abrams.

It should remain clear that the person who brought a bad name to Pakistan, Umair Hamid, was arrested and a case was prepared against him in the supervision of Obama tenure’s district attorney Preet Bharara, who had also revealed the irregularities and frauds of many renowned personalities of the Wall Street and stock exchange.

Accused Umair Hamid, who is also known as ‘Shah’ and ‘Shah Khan’, had pled guilty in April 2017 and is waiting for the final verdict of the court. The accused has signed a written acceptance letter to pay a fine of $5,303,020 and part of his wealth, according to the document number 36, dated April 6, 2017.

This document of the court is signed by Judge Ronnie Abrams, accused Umair Hamid, his lawyer Patrick Smith and the government lawyer David Abramowicz. This initial order of the court is termed as ‘money judgement’.

In another document, the lawyer of Umair Hamid has assured the court, in a letter, that the family of the accused will pay his all related fee. The lawyer also mentioned in this document that there might be a ‘third party’ willing or trying to pay the lawyer’s fee.

In the case, the court has ordered to keep some sensitive information and names confidential. Some other unknown people are being held accountable alongside Umair Hamid in this crime. By going through the record of this case, it can be understood that this case contains a lot of sensitive details and aspects.

However as per the case details, it is not known yet if accused Umair Hamid has appealed to the US government to lessen his punishment or if the accused has shown readiness to further cooperate in interrogation.

In the US system, it is a custom that if the accused provides more details on the case and names of more people involved, then the court would be less strict in its verdict. The final verdict on Umair Hamid case will be announced on August 21, 2017.

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