Pakistan Shares Covert information with European Agencies (See Reports)
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    Nafisa Hoodbhoy was staff reporter for the English daily Dawn newspaper from 1984-2000. As the only woman reporter under Gen Zia in Karachi, Pakistan, she went on to write thousands of news reports and lead articles on the nation’s transition to democracy, alternately spear-headed by civilian leaders Benazir Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif. During this period, she researched and featured in video films on women..... Read More

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    The Present is the living sum-total of the whole Past.
      ~Thomas Carlyle, Characteristics

    This website gives a glimpse into my motivation for writing ‘Aboard the Democracy Train’ – on why millions of people in Pakistan have been thwarted from bringing about meaningful change inside the country. As the only woman reporter in Pakistan’s leading newspaper, Dawn ....
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Peshawar suspect
(Credit: timesofoman)

ROME, June 27: A Pakistani suspected of involvement in the Peshawar market bombing — one of the country’s bloodiest attacks — has been arrested in Rome, Italian police said on Friday. The man, who has been living in Italy, is accused of taking part in the attack in 2009 in which 134 died, including many women and children. He was …

Intercepted drug packets

THE HAGUE: European police on Monday said they had arrested over 500 suspects and seized over 2.8 tonnes of cocaine and hundreds of vehicles in a series of raids against organised crime. Europol said that operations targeted high-volume trafficking in cargo containers, drug couriers flying to Europe from South America as well as drug parcels sent to Europe from Pakistan and …

KARACHI, Pakistan — WHEN I go to buy my drinking water, I don’t ask for water. I ask for Nestlé. Then I drive home with five 20-liter plastic bottles and make sure that we make every cup of tea, and all our ice, from this water. Like other people in this city, I believe the tap water is poisonous. During …

Ch Nisar meets UK High Commissioner

Officials in Pakistan’s MQM party have told the UK authorities they received Indian government funds, the BBC learnt from an authoritative Pakistani source. UK authorities investigating the MQM for alleged money laundering also found a list of weapons in an MQM property. A Pakistani official has told the BBC that India has trained hundreds of MQM militants over the past …

Asif & Faryal leave for Dubai

KARACHI, June 26 – Former president and Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Co-Chairman Asif Ali Zardari left for Dubai on Wednesday, party sources said. However, they said they were not aware of reasons for his sudden flight and the number of days he planned to stay in the United Arab Emirates. Zardari flew to Dubai in the evening from Karachi. “Bilawal …

Karachi heat wave kills hundreds

KARACHI, June 23— Karachi’s poor have long learned to cope with the many adversities that afflict Pakistan’s most crowded and chaotic city, including flooding, street violence and political crises. But since a suffocating heat wave descended on Karachi three days ago, killing at least 650 people, they have found no respite and no escape. “It’s so hot,” said a security …

Zardari speech against army

In a surprising outburst ostensibly against the powerful security establishment, Pakistan Peoples Party Co-Chairman Asif Ali Zardari said on Tuesday that politicians were better suited to running the affairs of the country. “You are here for only three years,” he said in an apparent jab at the army chief. Addressing an oath-taking ceremony for PPP office-bearers from Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa and the …

HYDERABAD/SUKKUR, June 18: The National Accountability Bureau (Nab) spent a busy day on Thursday when they arrested at least four public officials on charges of corruption. The Nab Karachi circle raided the office and residence of a former town municipal officer (TMO) in Sehwan, Jamshoro, early on Thursday, and arrested three TMOs on corruption charges. The team, led by assistant director …

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