Abdullah Talks Poverty, Militancy at UN Summit

AA at UN (Credit: telegraph.co.uk)
AA at UN
(Credit: telegraph.co.uk)
Addressing The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development at the United Nations in New York on Saturday, Abdullah Abdullah the Chief Executive Officer of National Unity Government (NUG) reaffirmed Afghanistan’s strong commitment to implementing long-term development projects across the country after 2015.

In his remarks, Abdullah highlighted the gains made by Afghanistan over the recent years, but said poverty still remains one of the biggest challenges in the country.

Abdullah also touched on the issue of peace and security in Afghanistan and asked Chinese leadership to use their influence convincing Pakistan to contribute honestly in restoring long standing peace in the country.

“China has been helping Afghanistan in the past 14 years, support for the reconstruction of the country, capacity building—at the same time showed some interest in investing in Afghanistan. Recently they also were facilitating or supporting the initiatives which were there for reconciliation,” he added.

The CEO addresses the UN summit at a time that the people of Afghanistan are still coping with serious security threats and poverty. However Abdullah pledged that NUG is determined to take measures in reducing poverty in the country.

“Afghanistan begun to pursue its MDGs almost half a decade later than other member states. Based on our 2005 to 2015 MDG report, we have a mixed achievements and setbacks, while poverty rate as remains more or less constant for several years, we have made considerable progress in primary education, gender equality, in women empowerment, child and maternal mortality rate are being reduced, ” CEO Abdullah said.

In addition, Abdullah talked on the issue of terrorism and reiterated that the militant groups are still operating inside the Pakistani soil.

It is expected that NUG will submit the evidences proving Pakistan’s support of terrorism to the UN general assembly.

A trilateral meeting between Afghanistan, Pakistan and the US is also scheduled to take place in New York on the sidelines of the general assembly meeting.

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