Accused in Fauzia Bhutto’s Murder Killed by Tribesmen

Nawabshah renamed Shaheed Benazirabad (Credit:

KARACHI, Aug 20: The former Sindh Assembly lawmaker, Raheem Baksh Jamali, who was shot and injured in a mosque in Shaheed Benazirabad (formerly Nawabshah) on Sunday, succumbed to his wounds on Monday in a Karachi hospital, Geo News reported.

Reportedly, unknown gunmen attacked a mosque-bound Jamlai, who was observing Itikaf – an Islamic practice consisting of a period of retreat in a mosque during the month of Ramadan, especially the last ten days.

According to reports, the attackers, four in number, who knew exactly where to find him, got him in the main mosque in Cooperative Housing Society in Shaheed Benazirabad at 5:30 AM in the morning.

Jamali was shot and left for dead but the doctors in a local hospital where he was rushed to saved him form dying immediately before advising he be shifted to Karachi for further treatment.

Bullets had damaged his vital organs including pancreas, stomach and a kidney, which led to his death.

He was elected member Sindh Assembly in 1988 as a Pakistan Peoples Party candidate.


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  1. Revenge is a form of natural justice. Allah will still not forgive him for his cruel murder of the poor Dr. Fauzia Bhutto. A greater punishment awaited him all these years. .

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