New Pak President Elect to Give Top Priority to Karachi

Mamnoon Hussain (Credit:
Mamnoon Hussain (Credit:

KARACHI, Aug 1: Mamnoon Hussain, president elect of Pakistan, told the BBC Urdu website that political parties were backing groups of criminals, land-grabbers, and extortionists and that this fact had been highlighted in various decisions of the courts.

In his first interview after getting elected as the 12th president of Pakistan, the Karachi-based senior politician said that whenever he thinks of resolving the law and order issue of Pakistan his mind comes to Karachi first adding that he was well aware of the practical situation in the city.

Elaborating further on the topic he said that Karachi would have to be given special attention as it was the driving force of the entire country and that the city was vital to the country not just from the economic aspect but from every angle.

Talking about the deteriorating law and order situation of Karachi Hussain said that full fledged action to eradicate crime was not taken in the past as the criminals, land-grabbers, and extortionists had the backing of political parties and that this fact had been mentioned in various court verdicts.

He added that the situation could not improve until the practice was ended and criminal elements were brought to justice.

Hussain said that there was need for intelligence agencies to come together under one platform and for political parties to stop backing criminals.

Reminiscing about Agra the president elect said that if the Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz (PML-N) government initiated peace talks with neighbouring India, he wished to be part of the process and hoped to play a role in this regards, as Agra was his birthplace.

He further said that he wished to visit Agra, especially, to see the Taj Mahal.

Mamnoon Hussain was born in India’s Agra city on 1940 and he migrated from India with his family to Pakistan during the 1947 partition of the sub-continent.

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