UNGA speech: Nawaz proposes 4-point peace initiative with India

Nawaz Sharif at UN (Credit: tribune.com.pk)
Nawaz Sharif at UN
(Credit: tribune.com.pk)

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif raised the issue of Kashmir, spoke about the continuing offensive against terrorism, and more importantly put the ball in India’s court by offering a new four-point peace initiative in his speech at the 70th UN General Assembly on Tuesday.

Nawaz proposes 4-point peace initiative with India

1. We propose Pakistan and India formalise and respect 2003 understanding of a  complete ceasefire in Kashsmir and LoC

2. We propose Pakistan and India reaffirm that they will not resort to the threat of force under any circumstances

3. Steps must be taken to demilitarise Kashmir

4. Agree to mutually withdraw troops from Siachen

Nawaz Sharif said the two countries should address and resolve the causes of tension and take all possible measures to avert further escalation.

“Wisdom dictates that our immediate neighbour refrains from fomenting instability in Pakistan. Cooperation, not confrontation, should define our relationship.”

The prime minister declared Pakistan neither wants to, nor is it engaged in, an arms race in South Asia.

‘Need a more democratic, transparent Security Council, not an expanded club of privileged and powerful’

“Pakistan supports a comprehensive reform of the United Nations, including that of Security Council, says Nawaz. “We need a Security Council that is more democratic, accountable, and transparent. A council that reflects the interests of all member states, in accordance with the principle of sovereign equality. Not a council that is an expanded club of the powerful and privileged.”

‘Three generations of Kashmiris have only seen broken promises’

“Three generations of Kashmiris have only seen broken promises and brutal oppression,” says PM Nawaz. “Over 100,000 have died in their struggle for self-determination. This is the most persistent failure of the United Nations.”

Pakistan to help promote peace, stability in Afghanistan

Pakistan will persist in the endeavour to help resume the dialogue process and promote peace and stability in Afghanistan,” says OM Nawaz.

“We can, however, do so only if we receive the required cooperation from the Afghan government. Tensions between Afghanistan and Pakistan are in neither country’s interests.”

The prime minister says global threat of terrorism cannot be defeated unless its underlying causes are addressed.

“Poverty and ignorance are part of the problem. Extremist ideologies must be opposed.”

‘Pakistan will continue to support the objectives of nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation’

“We have maintained the highest standards of nuclear security and have established an effective regime to ensure the safety and security of our nuclear facilities and stocks,” says Nawaz.

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