Three Weeks Ago in Anacostia, Washington DC

JB Walk

After his recovery from GBS, Jawaid & I took walks in Anacostia Park to help his nerves gain full recovery. This photo was taken three weeks before the cowardly attack on him. A day before that incident on March 1, we had resolved to speed up the exercise process to help him regain full strength. It was also meant as …

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If only Ignorance had not been Bliss


Barely a month before the attack on him, Jawaid sat in his living room, blissfully unaware of the evil that was being plotted underneath our condo unit. After decades of hard struggle, the `American dream,’ of finding work in one city.. and supporting near and dear ones.. had become a reality. The tranquility on his face was emblematic of the …

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MEMORIESBy Nafisa Hoodbhoy


Like yellow falling leaves on a warm summers eve, Flutter and fall on fading heaps, The winds of time swirl them aloft, And light them to the eye in sunny beams, So memories flutter before the eye, Of past tears, And past laughter, And I quiver like a boat tied to the shore, That can glide on roving waves no …

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Dont say goodbye

I wandered through the earth, My heart was heavy with yearning, My spirit scoured the angry seas to find a sorrow bearer, The earth I tread shall cover soon my unfulfilled soul, For death is the only peace, That follows the torture of desire, I wandered lone in search of God through the blindness of the earth, If the earth …

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The British find Allies in the Conquest of Sindh in 1843Aga Khan’s Mahallat in Jheeruk Preserved for Posterity

Jhirk 2

After the conquest of Sind in 1259/1843, the British attempted to subjugate neighbouring Baluchistan, in which the Aga Khan again helped them militarily and diplomatically. From Jerruk, where the Aga Khan was staying after February, 1843, he contacted the various Baluchi chieftains, advising them to submit to the British rule. He also sent his brother Muhammad Bakir Khan together with …

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Archives and Manuscripts at the Bodleian LibraryDonation of a Sindhi artist’s manuscript


We have recently received the generous donation of an illustrated history of the Mirs of Sindh, given in memory of its author and illustrator Mrs. Amina G. Hyder Khaliqdina (1919 -1959). Amina’s family have written an account of her remarkable story and kindly given permission for it to be posted here. Amina was born on 19th April 1919 in Hyderabad, …

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Peshawar school attack game withdrawn after uproarAl Jazeera


A video game based on the 2014 Taliban school massacre in which at least 132 children were killed in Pakistan’s northwest city of Peshawar has been withdrawn after triggering social media uproar and backlash. The game, “Pakistan Army Retribution”, was released by the Punjab IT board on Google Play, and invited the player to step into the shoes of a …

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Imposter Express Tribune Facebook page spreading fake newsHassaan Khan Chief Digital Editor, The Express Tribune

Fake page of Express Tribune

The Express Tribune has been inundated with hundreds of messages from our readers and well-wishers regarding a fake Facebook page that is impersonating the publication. The Facebook page, which has stolen design elements from us, including The Express Tribune’s trademark red ‘T’, has garnered over 3,000 Facebook likes. While we strive to remedy the problem, we thank our readers for …

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Five ways Indians are dodging the ‘black money’ crackdownAFP


From deploying ‘cash coolies’ to buying Rolex watches, Indians have found unique ways to dodge the government’s surprise move to withdraw high value bills in a bid to tackle widespread corruption and tax evasion. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi sent shockwaves through the country by announcing on November 8 all 500 rupee ($7.30) and 1,000 rupee notes — some 85 …

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This Remote Pakistani Village Is Nothing Like You’d Expect Over the years, a mountainous region in Pakistan has become my second home. I’ve seen firsthand how global events have hurt locals’ livelihoods and how technology has challenged the meaning of tradition. (Photos and article by Matthieu Paley, National Geographics)

Gojal village (Credit nationalgeographics)

PASSU, Pakistan — Sajid Alvi is excited. He just got a grant to study in Sweden. “My Ph.D. is about friction in turbo jet engines,” Alvi says. “I will work on developing new aerospace materials—real geeky stuff!” Alvi’s relatives have come to bid him farewell as he prepares to leave his mountain village and study in a new country, some …

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How to spot a terrorist on your flightArwa Mahdawi Guardian UK April 22

Hijacking suspect

  The skies are no longer a very friendly place to fly if you’re brown or “maybe-Muslim”. A few days ago, an Iraq-born researcher at UC Berkeley was removed from a Southwest Airlines plane for speaking Arabic. A passenger heard the guy end a phone call with “inshallah” and decided it must mean “this plane full of infidels is going …

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Who Are The Pakistanis Listed In Panama Papers?By Brendan Byrne on April 6, 2016 ValueWalk

A number of important Pakistanis have been indicted in the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ)  investigation into offshore companies. In total the journalists received 11.5 million documents in a leak from Panama-based law firm Mossack & Fonseca. A huge number of Pakistanis feature on those lists, and we bring you a round up of the most prominent names. So far …

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East Coast blizzard: NASA satellites show lumbering beastThe Christian Science Monitor Jan 22, 2015

Blizzard from space

The massive winter storm expected to blast the East Coast beginning Friday is already dominating NASA satellite images. Images taken by NASA and NOAA satellites show the lumbering beast gathering mass as it prepared to sweep up the East Coast on Friday and into Saturday. Snow is predicted to bury Washington, D.C., in a blanket two feet deep, with Philadelphia bracing for …

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The US Blizzard of 2016 is likely tied to a Warming PlanetBusiness Insider

DC under Blizzard

Snowstorms in January certainly aren’t rare. But what’s unusual about this one is how far in advance it was predicted. Unlike with most major storms, almost all the major weather models were in agreement that this storm was coming almost a week before it hit. The only differences were in how much snow it would bring. Moreover, this storm is …

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License to Kill?By Naeem Sadiq 21 December 2015 Newsline

2015 will go down in history as the year in which the Sindh Police publicly declared that driving licenses were mandatory for driving on the roads. However basic and apparent this declaration may appear, the fact remains that there has been a near silence on this issue since 1947. This has resulted in an estimated two million individuals who drive …

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When Taliban proved fiercer than the crocodiles of MangophirReuters

Crocodiles in Mangophir

KARACHI, Oct 15: The lean days appear to be over for Mor Sahib, an 87-year-old crocodile venerated by Pakistan’s tiny Sheedi community, as pilgrims once again flock to a shrine in Karachi that has been shunned for years amid fears of Taliban attacks. The ageing reptile, his leathery skin fissured by time, waddled out of the murky water towards a …

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Ajunta caves

In the early summer of 1819, a British hunting party was heading through thick jungle near Aurangabad, in the hilly ghats of south central India, when the tiger they were tracking disappeared down into the chasm of a deep ravine. Leading the hunters was Captain John Smith, a young cavalry officer from Madras. Beckoning his friends to follow, he tracked …

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Egyptian Billionaire Offers to Buy Island to Resettle Middle East Refugees

Naguib Sawiris

Egyptian billionaire Naguib Sawiris has offered to buy an island off Greece or Italy and develop it to help hundreds of thousands of people fleeing from Syria and other conflicts. The telecoms tycoon first announced the initiative on Twitter. “Greece or Italy sell me an island, I’ll call its independence and host the migrants and provide jobs for them building …

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Third century BC stupa discovered at ancient Buddhist siteAmjad Iqbal — Dawn Newspaper

Taxila stupa (Credit:

TAXILA, May 9: A stupa dating back to the 3rd Century BC was discovered at the ancient Buddhist site of Badalpur near Taxila during excavations carried out by the Taxila Institute of Asian Civilisations (TIAC) of Quaid-i-Azam University. The stupa measuring 25×25 was discovered on the southern side of the main monastery with a centre water tank at the ancient …

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The Diary of an Arab HunterHerald magazine

Arabs travel for the hunt
to Pakistan (Credit:

Wallah, it is once again the season of the hunt. We Arabs love God’s magnificent creatures; we travel all over the world to find them and kill them. For there is no struggle more glorious than a Sheikh’s entourage of armed bodyguards versus a small, defenseless bird. In the great deserts of Arabia there are few animals to hunt. There …

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