They are the eyes of a critical thinker lost in self reflection. This philosopher has left a pair of eyes that are looking out on his behalf. The eyes of his life partner will ensure that his assailant and everyone in the DC metropolitan area who stole his life is brought to trial and punished.





The accused in Jawaid Bhutto’s case, Hilman Jordan, who killed his cousin two decades ago, and was seen on CCTV cameras pacing the grounds… waiting for Jawaid to finish his night shift and come home… seeks to plead insanity. It’s an old tactic that’s worked before. Some 22 years ago after Jordan killed his cousin and pleaded insanity, he was spared from prison.

On Sept 30, at 9:00 am, Judge Dana Dayson will hear his lawyers argue that Jordan’s mental health records be kept private. This “privacy” made it possible for Jordan, a schizophrenic killer, to live in a neighborhood where no one would know his demented criminal past.

Since the last hearing on August 25, the defense lawyers for the accused have tried to convince the judge not to allow Jordan to be examined by a psychiatrist. They also want to impose all types of conditions on the psychiatrist to freely evaluate his mental condition, including invoking the Fifth and Sixth amendment..

The defense goal in opposing the psychiatric evaluation of the criminal is an effort to “prove” that he acted in a fit of insanity when he attacked Jawaid Bhutto, as the latter returned home and began to unload groceries from the trunk of his car.



The Public Defender, Dana Page has worked hard to save the accused. During COVID, she tried to have her client sent to St. Elizabeth Psychiatric Hospital. Instead, he was hospitalized and has since recovered to face trial.

Currently, the defense has been on the attack by arguing that the government side has failed to provide them all the “discovery material” that could prove their argument beyond reasonable doubt. The prosecution has rejected their arguments.


JB Giving Lecture on Sufi Poet Shah Latif Bhitai from Washington DC

People who gathered to hear Jawaid Bhutto (below) may not hear directly from him. But they will hear the circumstances under which the gentle, humane Bhutto…. who was blossoming as a deep thinker and an inspiration for thousands of people… was suddenly and cruelly snatched away from our midst.

The audience above waits to hear from Jawaid Bhutto, speaking above on Skype from his bedroom in Washington DC.

On September 30, they will be able to see and hear the proceedings on Jawaid’s case relayed on Webex video from DC Superior Court.


Acting US Attorney Seeks Mental Examination of Jawaid Bhutto’s Assailant

Acting US Attorney Michael Sherwin has asked the DC Superior Court to order the mental examination of Jawaid Bhutto’s attacker – Hilman Jordan -“by one or more psychiatrist.”

Sherwin, who conducts prosecution of all federal crimes and serious local crimes moved the motion in Judge Dana Dayson’s court on July 6, for productivity and criminal responsibility exam of Jordan, who is accused of the murder.

However, the defendant for the accused, Dana Page opposed the motion. In her rejoinder on July 8, Page submitted that the prosecution had failed to provide materials relating to Jordan’s mental health at the time he attacked Jawaid.

According to the defense, they have been requesting materials from the prosecution that would support their contention that Jordan was suffering from a mental illness at the time he attacked Jawaid. Page submitted that is intended to bolster the defense argument that Jordan should be considered `Not Guilty By Reason of Insanity.’

In 1998, Jordan murdered his cousin and pleaded insanity – as a result of which he never went to prison. Subsequently, the District of Columbia sent him for treatment to St. Elizabeth Psychiatric Hospital – and then paid for his `convalescent leave’ to rent the condo below Jawaid Bhutto’s apartment.

Under DC law, it is legal to dump insane criminals – like Hilman Jordan – in communities without informing neighbors about their background, In the case of Jordan, DC has been forced to admit that it failed to monitor him for rampant drug abuse, including failing to sent him back to St. Elizabeth – in flagrant violation of court orders

Judge Dana Dayson will rule on the prosecution and defense arguments in the state’s criminal case against the accused.

Thousands Pledge to Get Justice for Jawaid Bhutto

Over 5,000 people tweeted in support of Jawaid Bhutto on June 27 from 10 am to 12 pm to demand that DC stop secretly dumping criminals from St. Elizabeth Psychiatric Hospital into residential settings.

The Twitter trend logged sixth in Pakistan, which was lit up on other issues of concern inside the country like China India conflict petrol, electricity and governance. Justice4JB trended as a purely human rights issue with people demanding answers from the US judicial system.

As evening fell in Pakistan, people in the US awoke and began tweeting in support of JB. They linked the tweets to the DC Council and to the US and Pakistan embassies, drawing attention to a broken system that endangers the lives of good, hardworking people that come to this country

This is only the first in the beginning of a campaign, in which we have sued Washington DC for depriving us of our beloved philosopher and humanist Jawaid Bhutto. A deeply knowledgeable philosopher, Jawaid had blossomed to enlighten the world – before a madman took his life. We believe there are many crazy criminals who prey on the lives of innocent citizens. Therefore for us, the real insanity is in the system. We honor Jawaid’s relentless struggle for the poor and oppressed and will work to ensure that justice is served.

Mental Health Agency Director Finally Answers…. (Nov 21, 2019) Washington City Paper, By Amanda Michelle Gomez

D.C.’s mental health agency was asked to speak to several concerning incidents during a Council oversight hearing Wednesday night, including why the city’s sole public psychiatric hospital went without clean water for a month, and what systems are in place to prevent that from happening again. But the head of the agency could not provide satisfactory answers, as the department is still reviewing what exactly happened in September. Continue reading “Mental Health Agency Director Finally Answers…. (Nov 21, 2019) Washington City Paper, By Amanda Michelle Gomez”

D.C. must provide answers on the unprovoked killing of Javed Bhutto

JAVED BHUTTO was shot and killed March 1 as he unloaded groceries from the trunk of his car in the parking lot of his condo complex in Southeast Washington. His alleged killer was his neighbor, a man who had killed someone else in another unprovoked shooting but had been found not guilty by reason of insanity, and was released after 17 years of treatment at St. Elizabeths Hospital. He had been deemed safe to be released to the community, and he was supposed to have been closely monitored. Continue reading “D.C. must provide answers on the unprovoked killing of Javed Bhutto”

Murder Case in DC Raises Questions about the Insanity Defense and Predictions of Dangerousness.

A recent murder has raised a number of broader deeper issues regarding the insanity defense and the danger that those found to be insane pose to society.

Unfortunately there is a societal myth, that has been disproved by sociological empirical studies, that persons with mental illness pose a greater risk to society than those who don’t have a mental illness. Those who have a mental illness are no more likely to commit crime than those who don’t have a mental illness. Continue reading “Murder Case in DC Raises Questions about the Insanity Defense and Predictions of Dangerousness.”

No sane reason Hilman Jordan was let out of a D.C. mental hospital 17 years after shooting a man. Now he’s accused of killing again.

Javed Bhutto, a caregiver to mentally disabled adults, got home from work about 11 that morning with bags of groceries in his Toyota Corolla. After his overnight shift at a residential facility, he had stopped in a supermarket with a list from his wife. In the parking lot of the small condo complex where the couple lived, he stepped out of his car in the chill March air, opened the trunk and reached for his bundles. Continue reading “No sane reason Hilman Jordan was let out of a D.C. mental hospital 17 years after shooting a man. Now he’s accused of killing again.”

SANA Announces Jawaid Bhutto Scholarship

Sindhi Association of North America has concluded its 35th convention in Toronto with the announcement of the Jawaid Bhutto scholarship for students in Pakistan.

SANA also resolved in favor of naming Jawaid’s former department at Sindh University the `Jawaid Bhutto Department of Philosophy.’ Moreover, participants extended support to a future Institute of Philosophy and Social Sciences to be created in Jawaid’s name at Sindh University, Jamshoro. Continue reading “SANA Announces Jawaid Bhutto Scholarship”

Jawaid’s Work Place in Virginia Pays Rich Tributes for his Services (June 15, 2019)

Glowing tributes were paid on June 15 to Jawaid Bhutto for his work as a mental health counselor at Welford Street Community Residences Inc. in Virginia.

The management of CRI and his colleagues described Jawaid as a thorough professional, who arrived on time, inspected the quarters to make sure that mentally challenged residents were “still alive” and then proceeded to ask the shift staff if they had fulfilled their duties. Continue reading “Jawaid’s Work Place in Virginia Pays Rich Tributes for his Services (June 15, 2019)”