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No sane reason Hilman Jordan was let out of a D.C. mental hospital 17 years after shooting a man. Now he’s accused of killing again. By Paul M. Duggan The Washington Post (Sept 4, 2019)


Javed Bhutto, a caregiver to mentally disabled adults, got home from work about 11 that morning with bags of groceries in his Toyota Corolla. After his overnight shift at a residential facility, he had stopped in a supermarket with a list from his wife. In the parking lot of the small condo complex where the couple lived, he stepped out …

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SANA Announces Jawaid Bhutto Scholarship35th Convention Resolves in Favor of Jawaid Bhutto Department of Philosophy


Sindhi Association of North America has concluded its 35th convention in Toronto with the announcement of the Jawaid Bhutto scholarship for students in Pakistan. SANA also resolved in favor of naming Jawaid’s former department at Sindh University the `Jawaid Bhutto Department of Philosophy.’ Moreover, participants extended support to a future Institute of Philosophy and Social Sciences to be created in …

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Jawaid’s Work Place in Virginia Pays Rich Tributes for his Services (June 15, 2019)


Glowing tributes were paid on June 15 to Jawaid Bhutto for his work as a mental health counselor at Welford Street Community Residences Inc. in Virginia. The management of CRI and his colleagues described Jawaid as a thorough professional, who arrived on time, inspected the quarters to make sure that mentally challenged residents were “still alive” and then proceeded to …

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JB Assailant Locked up Without ParoleWashington DC, June 3, 2019


In the first preliminary hearing held on Monday Jawaid Bhutto’s attacker was sent back to prison without the possibility of parole. Wearing an orange jump suit with his hands in handcuffs, defendant Hilman Ray Jordan was brought by US marshals in Judge Lee’s court and asked by the judge if he was prepared to face a preliminary hearing. On the …

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In Memory of Jawaid BhuttoPoem by Khalil Gibran


It was but yesterday that you were moving with the moving sea and you were shoreless and without a self Then the wind, the breath of Life wove you, a veil of light on her face Then her hand gathered you and gave you form, and with a head held high you sought the heights But the sea followed after …

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Khalil Gibran Speaks of Marriage

PHOTO-2019-05-09-15-28-01 EDITED

You were born together, and together you shall be forevermore. You shall be together when the white wings of death scatter your days. Ay, you shall be together even in the silent memory of God.

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Three Weeks Ago in Anacostia, Washington DC

JB Walk

After his recovery from GBS, Jawaid & I took walks in Anacostia Park to help his nerves gain full recovery. This photo was taken three weeks before the cowardly attack on him. A day before that incident on March 1, we had resolved to speed up the exercise process to help him regain full strength. It was also meant as …

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‘Strong parallels exist between eastern Sufi and western Enlightenment thought’ – Jawaid BhuttoSanjay Mathrani April 15, 2018 (The Daily Times)


Hyderabad: Sufism transcends differences based on caste, colour, creed, ethnicity, language, culture and political affiliations. It is an amalgamation of love, sacrifice, tolerance and peaceful coexistence. Sufism also possesses the enormous potential to serve as a powerful antidote against all forms extremism and terrorism. These views were expressed by Sindh University vice chancellor Dr. Fateh Muhammad Burfat, while making his …

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D.C. must do more to protect its youth.By Colbert I. King April 26, 2019 (The Washington Post)

JB moods 1

Breon Austin’s death hit home. At 16 , he was close in age to two of my grandchildren. A young person’s death always hits hard. To learn, however, that he lost his life after multiple bullets were fired into his body by a masked assailant in the hallway of Breon’s own home is enraging. The shooter brazenly opened fire in …

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Author’s Interview on NBC Television the Day After March 1 Incident Raises Questions re US Systems

nh NBC

The author’s interview to NBC television was recorded at the home of mutual friends in Virginia, a day after the heinous incident against Jawaid Bhutto. In it, she speaks about how the couple had elected to live in Anacostia, DC since 2003. They kept good relations with all the neighbors, believing in the essential goodness of human nature regardless of …

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If only Ignorance had not been Bliss


Barely a month before the attack on him, Jawaid sat in his living room, blissfully unaware of the evil that was being plotted underneath our condo unit. After decades of hard struggle, the `American dream,’ of finding work in one city.. and supporting near and dear ones.. had become a reality. The tranquility on his face was emblematic of the …

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MEMORIESBy Nafisa Hoodbhoy


Like yellow falling leaves on a warm summers eve, Flutter and fall on fading heaps, The winds of time swirl them aloft, And light them to the eye in sunny beams, So memories flutter before the eye, Of past tears, And past laughter, And I quiver like a boat tied to the shore, That can glide on roving waves no …

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Dont say goodbye

I wandered through the earth, My heart was heavy with yearning, My spirit scoured the angry seas to find a sorrow bearer, The earth I tread shall cover soon my unfulfilled soul, For death is the only peace, That follows the torture of desire, I wandered lone in search of God through the blindness of the earth, If the earth …

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BAN THE GUNDawn Newspaper March 29, 2019

JB photo

ON March 1, a burst of gunfire snuffed out the life of a gentle soul in Washington D.C. He was a social worker helping the mentally challenged and drug addicts. He was Jawaid Bhutto, a teacher of philosophy and a progressive scholar in Pakistan before he moved to the US. I knew him as my friend and the husband of …

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Scholar Jawaid Bhutto’s murder termed great loss for SindhThe Newspaper's Staff Correspondent DAWN (March 23, 2019)

Handsome JB

HYDERABAD: Speakers at a condolence reference paid rich tribute to philos­opher and scholar Jawaid Bhutto, who was gunned down in Washington on March 2, and called him a great asset of Sindh. They were speaking at the programme organised by Progressive Writers Associa­tion and Awami Workers Party at Sindhi Language Authority on Friday. Late Jawaid’s widow and writer Nafisa Hoodbhoy …

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Glowing Tributes Paid to Jawaid Bhutto in KarachiMarch 17, 2019 (Voice of Sindh, London)

jb arts

The gathering in Karachi Arts Council was as untraditional as Jawaid Bhutto’s life had been. The portrait of him looking down on the gathering was the face of a thinker, a philosopher who reflected in the most intense way on the meaning of life. But Jawaid was no hardnosed intellectual. Instead, he was a `peoples person,’ loving the human spirit …

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Pakistani philosopher killed by suspect with history of violence, mental illnessBy Dick Uliano WTOP March 2019

Hilman Jordan

The Southeast D.C. man charged with first-degree murder for the shooting of his neighbor, Jawaid Bhutto, 64 — prominent Pakistani philosopher and scholar — was found not guilty by reason of insanity for a previous homicide in 1998. Court documents reveal that Hilman Jordan, 45, who is currently being held without bond for the murder of Bhutto, was indicted by …

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Gathering in memory of Jawaid Bhutto

PHOTO-2019-03-06-07-57-01 (1)

Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi has arranged a sitting in memory of Jawaid Bhutto, a man of values, a progressive intellectual who lost his life in Washington DC on March 1, 2019 at the hands of a deranged killer. Friends will pay tribute to the man whose life was filled with love for his fellow beings, regardless of race, ethnicity, …

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SU VC pays glowing tribute to Javed Bhutto BUSINESS RECORDER REPORT Mar 12th, 2019 HYDERABAD

PHOTO-2019-03-04-04-55-18 (1)

Javed Bhutto was Socrates of Sindh. It was Sindh’s ambassador of love and peace to the world. People like Javed Bhutto stay immortal in the hearts of people on account of their intellectual contribution to society. Javed Bhutto’s death has created a void which will be hard to fill. This was stated by VC-SU Prof. Dr. Fateh Muhammad Burfat while …

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Philosopher Jawaid Bhutto laid to rest in ancestral burial groundThe Express Tribune Pakistan (March 12, 2019)


HYDERABAD: Amid elegies sung by pall-bearers, the 64-year old intellectual and philosopher Jawaid Bhutto, who was shot dead in Washington DC on March 2, was laid to rest in a graveyard in Shikarpur district on Sunday. His funeral prayers were offered earlier at Faisal Mosque in Bath Island, Karachi, on Saturday night. Writers, poets, intellectuals and civil society activists, including …

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