Murder Attack on Teachers Vocal against Sindh University VC

Amar Sindhu (Credit:
Hyderabad, July 10: The teachers leading the movement against the University of Sindh (SU) vice chancellor came under attack late Sunday night at the Super Highway.

Women rights activist Prof Amar Sindhu, the chairperson of the philosophy department at SU, was injured in the attack near Sajjad Restaurant as unidentified assailants opened fire at the two cars returning from Karachi with the office bearers of the SU Teachers Association inside.

The attackers sprayed the two cars with bullets and escaped. With burst tyres, the teachers took the cars to a nearby petrol pump.

The general secretary of Federation of All Pakistan Universities Academic Staff Association, Prof Arfana Mallah, was also present in the car but escaped unscathed.

Mallah, who is also a writer and hosts a current affairs talk show on a Sindhi television channel KTN, has been leading the movement at the SU for removal of its vice chancellor Dr Nazir A Mughal. The movement had started after the murder of Prof Bashir Channar on January 2, but became dormant after Mughal was sent on forced leave on February 21. The protests revived, however, with the return of the vice chancellor on June 29.

Earlier on Sunday, the teachers had held a press conference along with Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz leader Iqbal Zafar Jhagra in Karachi. They had condemned the return of Mughal and the attitude of the provincial government regarding the higher education institutions in the province.

Mallah, who teaches at the SU, told The Express Tribune that she saw three men take positions and open fire at the cars. She ruled out the possibility of robbery since the attackers did not try to do steal their car.

“It appears to be a planned attack,” she said. At least three bullets hit her car.

A case has been lodged at the Gadap police station but due to the confusion over the police jurisdictions, the final FIR will be registered with the Sohrab Goth police.

5 Replies to “Murder Attack on Teachers Vocal against Sindh University VC”

  1. Khalid Hashmani
    McLean, Virginia, USA

    We condemn and protest this barbaric attack on Amar Sindhu, Arfana and others by the goons of exploiters. I wish Amar Sindhu a complete and speedy recovery. We assure them that they are not alone in their struggle to improve the quality of education at the Sindh University. Sindhis all over the world are alarmed by the waderashahi that the present government has unleashed on one of the Sindh’s premier educational institution after destroying primary and secondary education in rural areas of Sindh.

  2. Ali Nawaz Memon
    Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA

    I condemn the murder attack on Amar Sindhu and Arfana Mallah. I hope that Amar is recovering well. SANA and other organizations must take a joint action..

  3. Iqbal Tareen
    Washington, DC 20010

    What a shame!
    I condemn the reprehensible attack on the lives of two prominent members of Academia, Amar Sindhu and Arfana Mallah. I wish them speedy recovery. We would appreciate updates on the state of their recovery.
    I beseech all Sindh Rights and Human Rights organizations in Pakistan and abroad to demand a judicial enquiry into this shameful attack by none less than the Supreme Court of Pakistan. The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court must take a swift and decisive action so the real culprits involved in conceiving, planning, and execution of this incident are brought to Justice. Any delay on behalf of the Supreme Court will be construed as a serious delinquency and denial of Justice.

  4. Though got bullet in waist and the wound of bullet is still green but I am not worried about my health but for the one thing only “Is one bullet enough to silence all dissenting voices in society and have we lost the space to raise our voice against power??”. How the space is shrinking for human right activists on my land.
    My appeal, please come forward not to save any individual but to save the space available to we women activists………
    Again I would say “Even if the bullet is the price I shall continue to raise my voice: the voice of conscience.”

  5. امن جي ڳولا۽اميد (مضمون)
    غلام مصطفيٰ جمالي.کڏهرو موري
    منهنجو وجود جھري پيو آهي امن !
    تنهجي غيرموجودگي سبب مان ڏينهون ڏينهن ختم ٿيندي پئي وڃان. تون هئين ته منهنجو جوڀن هو، مان مضبوط هيس. تون هئين ته مان به هيس. اڄ تنهنجي غيرموجودگي مون کي ڪمزور ڪري وڌو آهي. تو ۽ مون رلجي هن ڌرتي تي جا جنت بڻائي هئي سا تو بنا دوزخ جو ڏيک ڏيڻ لڳي آهي.
    توکي ياد ته هوندو امن !
    توکي ياد ته ضرور هوندو ته امن ۽ اميد هئا ته هن ڌرتي تي جيون هو. زندگي ڀرپور هئي، خوشيون هيون. هاڻي جڏهن تون به ناهين ته مان به ورلي ئي ملندي جلندي آهيان.
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    امن ! تون هئين ته ونيون پنهنجي ورن لاءِ سمهاڻي تائين نه موٽڻ تي ڪو الڪو نه ڪنديون هيون، ممتا جي دلين ۾ وهم ۽ وسوسا نه اڀرندا هئا جڏهن سندن پٽ ڪنهن ڪم سبب گھر دير سان ايندا هئا. پر اڄ ايئن ناهي امن !
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    امن مون کي اندازو آهي ته طاقت جي نشي ۾ چور ڏيهي توڙي پرڏيهي قوتن توکي ڪٿي غائب ڪري ڇڏيو آهي. پر امن هي شاه سائين جي ڌرتي آهي ۽ اسين سندس بيتن کي آيتون ڀائيندا آهيون ان ڪري مان هميشه شاه سائين جي هنن سٽن جي تلاوت ڪندي رهندي آهيان ته
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    منتظر نگاهن سان،
    تنهنجي پنهنجي،
    مصطفيٰ جمالي.کڏهرو موري ضلع بدين

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