Tracking Axact’s Websites

Axact’s immensely profitable empire is centered on its network of hundreds of websites. The stars are the sites for fictitious high schools and universities — some have names and details evoking the appearance of American or British schools, others of Persian Gulf-region institutions.

Critical support for the scheme comes from a host of dedicated Internet search portals, and a smaller list of dummy accreditation bodies meant to put potential customers at ease by giving Axact’s fake schools a more credible appearance.

Below is a partial list of sites analyzed by The New York Times and determined most likely to be linked to Axact’s operation in Karachi, Pakistan. Some of the details came from interviews with former employees of Axact, who identified roughly 50 sites, along with servers used by the company and blocks of custom website coding it developed.

School Sites

Alford High School

High School Diploma Profs

Beacon Falls High School

Brooksville High School

Buffville High School

Federal High School

Ford Worth High School

High School Diploma Experience

Foster City High School

High School Diploma Pro

High School Diploma Fast

Jersey High School

Lorenz High School

Luther City High School

Mary Grand High School

McCain High School

McFord High School

McHill High School

Pacific High School

High School Diploma Professionals

Panworld High School

St. Angelo High School

Stenford High School

Victorville High School

West Coast High School

WinFord High School

Woodfield High School

Global Institute of English Language Training and Certification

Adamsville University

Al Arab University

Al Khaleej University

Al Khalifa American University

Alpine University

American Gulf University

American Mideast University

Anchor Point University

Arab Continental University

Arab Women University

Ashbery University

Accredited Degrees Pro

Ashley University

Bakerville University

Barkley University

Baycity University

Bay View University

Baytown University

Belltown University

Branton University

Brooklyn Park University

Brooksville University

Cambell State University

Camp Lake University

Chapel University

Columbiana University

Creek View University

Crestford University

Fast Online University

Fort Jones University

Galewood University

Gibson University

Glenford University

Grant Town University

GreenLake University

Grendal University

Hadly University

Hansford University

Harvey University

Headway University

Online University Programs Pro

Hill University

Hill Online Degrees

James Adam University

James Harding University

Johnstown University

Kennedy University

Kingsbridge University

Kings Lake University

Laurus University

Madison Hills University

Mayfield University

McFord University

McGraw University

Affordable Accredited Degrees

McGraw Online Degrees

McKinley University

Midtown University

Mount Lincoln University

Nelson Bay University

Nicholson University

Nixon University

Northern Port University

Northway University

Olford Walters University

Panworld University

Accredited Online Degrees Now

Advance Online Degrees

Paramount California University

Parkfield University

Payne Springs University

Pine Hill University

Pittsford University

Port Jefferson University

Queen City University

Queens Bay University

Ray University

Affordable Degrees Pro

Universal Online Degrees

Redding University

Riverwood University

Rochville University

Roseville Community College

Thompson University

WalesBridge University

Walford University

Western Advanced Central University

Online University Profs

Western Valley Central University

Westland University

Wilburton University

Wiley University

Wilford University

Willington University

Windham University

Woodbridge University

Woodfield University

Woodrow University

Accreditation Bodies

Accreditation Bureau of Online Education and Training

Arab Accreditation Council

Association for Accreditation of Business Schools and Programs

European Accreditation Board for Online Education

European Accreditation Council for Online Learning

Global Accreditation Board for Distance Learning

Global Doctorate Council

Gulf Accreditation Council

Gulf Bureau of Higher Education

Gulf Engineering Council

International Accreditation Board for Business Studies

International Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology Education

Education International Accreditation Board for Psychology Education

Education International Accreditation Council for Open Education

International Accreditation Organization

International Business Accreditation and Regulatory Commission

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