Archives and Manuscripts at the Bodleian LibraryDonation of a Sindhi artist’s manuscript


We have recently received the generous donation of an illustrated history of the Mirs of Sindh, given in memory of its author and illustrator Mrs. Amina G. Hyder Khaliqdina (1919 -1959). Amina’s family have written an account of her remarkable story and kindly given permission for it to be posted here. Amina was born on 19th April 1919 in Hyderabad, …

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U.S. sanctions Pakistani companies over nuclear tradeDrazen Jorgic


ISLAMABAD (Reuters) – The United States has imposed sanctions on seven Pakistani companies over suspicion they have links to the nuclear trade, potentially hurting Pakistan’s ambitions to join the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG). Pakistani government spokesmen could not be immediately reached for comment on Monday. Relations between the United States and Pakistan have been strained in recent years over Pakistan’s …

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‘May God Kill Your Own Son’: Bomb Rips Families Apart in KabulBy FATIMA FAIZI and ROD NORDLAND MARCH 21, 2018 (The New York Times)


KABUL, Afghanistan — A suicide bomber detonated explosives in a crowd celebrating the Persian New Year in Kabul, Afghanistan, on Wednesday, killing 31 and leaving desperate family members searching among bodies and body parts for their loved ones’ remains. The victims were strewn around the courtyard in front of the Ali Abad Hospital in Kabul, where relatives preparing for burials …

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NGOs Convene to Discuss Matters of Survival


Karachi, March 18: Non governmental organizations (NGOs) and International NGO representatives gathered in Karachi on Sunday to meet with the author of the `Democracy Train,’ and express their concern at the restrictions being imposed by the government to carry on their daily activities. The NGO representatives were especially concerned that their colleagues working with the INGOs could lose their jobs …

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`The Changing Colors of Pakistani Politics’ – Mustafa Jarwar KTN


`The Changing Colors of Pakistani Politics,’ was the theme of the KTN show hosted by Mustafa Jarwar on the situation inside Pakistan and as it is affected by international events. Participants including outgoing PPP Senator Dr Karim Khawaja and visiting US based journalist, Nafisa Hoodbhoy. The discussions covered Pakistan’s growing isolation in the international community, as it relates to placing …

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History of Left: `Suraj Pey Comand’ Book Launched`Democracy Train' Updated Edition Sold on Display


Karachi, March 17: The first volume of the story of the National Students Federation, its cadre and incidents reflecting the left wing history of Pakistan, `Suraj pay Comand,’ was launched at the Arts Council on Saturday. An overflow crowd came to the launch to hear about the stalwarts of the left movement who dominated four decades ago. Their snapshots have …

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US Foreign Policy Vis-i-Vis Pakistan – Interview on Awaz Television Imran Mir


US foreign policy and regional realignments were discussed in a television show hosted by Imran Mir of Awaz Television, with journalist and author Nafisa Hoodbhoy and ex PPP Senator Dr Karim Khawaja on Monday in Karachi. The program, Jawab Do (Give an Answer) was a conversation between a PPP politician and the visiting independent analyst about why Pakistan finds itself …

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Trump ousts Tillerson, will replace him as secretary of state with CIA chief PompeoThe Washington Post


President Trump has ousted Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and plans to nominate CIA Director Mike Pompeo to replace him as the nation’s top diplomat, orchestrating a major change to his national security team amid delicate outreach such as possible talks with North Korea, White House officials said Tuesday. Trump last Friday asked Tillerson to step aside, and the embattled …

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Instep Today Aurat March 2018: Freedom over fearMohammed Salman Khan The Express Tribune (March 10, 2018)


KARACHI, March 10: Thousands of women, men and transgender people gathered on Thursday to take part in the first ever Aurat March (Women’s March) held in Karachi to rally against discrimination and acts of violence towards women and other gender minorities in Pakistan. The event marked the global celebration of International Women’s Day which is celebrated across the world to …

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In Peace Overture, Afghan President Offers Passports to TalibanBy ANDREW E. KRAMER (FEB. 28, 2018) The New York Times


KABUL, Afghanistan — President Ashraf Ghani of Afghanistan renewed a call on Wednesday for the Taliban to join peace talks, offering to treat the insurgent group as a legitimate political party, though it has repeatedly rejected similar proposals. In the latest overture, Mr. Ghani said his government would provide the Taliban with an office in the capital, Kabul; passports for …

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Documenting factsMir Mohammad Ali Talpur February 25, 2018 TNS


In his latest book, Kaiser Bengali shows that there is systematic and wilful discrimination and apathy towards Balochistan with the express purpose of utilising its resources for benefit of others. Rebellions and insurgencies do not occur in a vacuum but are reactions against political and economic injustices. A new book A Cry for Justice: Empirical Insights from Balochistan by Kaiser …

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COMMENT: Trump’s India connectBy Michael Kugelman The Hindu (Feb 22, 2018)


There are few countries where the U.S. President’s business interests are so strong, and relations with the U.S. so robust. Donald Trump Jr. is in India for an extraordinary visit, to play the role of both businessman and diplomat. While mainly helping sell properties tied to the Trump Organization, where he serves as executive vice president, Mr. Trump Jr. is …

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Pakistan given three-month reprieve over terrorist financing watchlist: ministerAsif Shahzad REUTERS (Feb 20, 2018)


ISLAMABAD (Reuters) – Pakistan has been given a three-month reprieve by a global watchdog over a U.S.-led motion to put the South Asian country on a terrorist financing watchlist, Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif said late on Tuesday. Pakistan has been scrambling in recent months to avoid being added to a list of countries deemed non-compliant with anti-money laundering and …

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`Council of Progressive Pakistanis’ Created in United States

CPP group

A Council of Progressive Pakistanis has been created in the US, with the objective of contributing to building a progressive and liberal Pakistan. A meeting of CPP affiliates was held in the greater metropolitan Washington area, Feb 10, 2018, where organizers espoused their vision of building a Pakistan, that would be in keeping with the speech delivered by its founder, …

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Funeral bridges religious and ethnic dividesMarvi Sirmed February 14, 2018 Daily Times


Asma Jahangir’s funeral was an emotionally draining yet an energising experience in unique ways. People of all ages, genders, ethnicities, religions, and social classes came to bid adieu to her. Only she could manage to amass such a wide spectrum of the society at such an occasion. There were trans people, women, men, youngsters, older people, people descending from SUVs …

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Prominent Pakistani rights activist Asma Jahangir dies aged 66 Lawyer who was outspoken critic of country’s Islamist extremism had a heart attack in LahoreThe Guardian UK (Feb 11, 2018) Courtesy AP


Asma Jahangir, one of Pakistan’s most prominent human rights activists, has died of a heart attack aged 66. She was rushed to hospital in Lahore on Saturday night and died the following day, her daughter Muneeze Jahangir said. Friends, relatives, activists and journalists thronged to her residence in Lahore to express their grief. Local TV stations broadcast footage showing public …

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A symbol of resistance: Veteran journalist Siddiq Baloch laid to restThe Express Tribune (Feb 6, 2018)


KARACHI: Veteran journalist Siddiq Baloch was laid to rest in Mewa Shah Graveyard Tuesday afternoon. He passed away early Tuesday morning in Karachi, while fighting pancreatic cancer for many years. Siddiq, 78, was a renowned journalist, senior political economist and democrat. He was the chief editor of Daily Azadi Quetta, an Urdu newspaper started by him in 2002 and Balochistan …

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Battle for Kabul Has Begun By Nafisa Hoodbhoy VOA (Extremism Watch Desk) January 28, 2018


WASHINGTON — Taliban attacks on two consecutive weekends in Kabul, which have killed hundreds of people, including Americans, have occurred in the midst of stepped-up efforts by the Trump administration to find a way out of the 16-year-old Afghan imbroglio. While the Trump administration has doubled its troop level in Afghanistan to 16,000, the U.S. Central Command led by Gen. …

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Evening Get-together by St. Louis community


An evening get together at a local restaurant in St. Louis, Missouri picked up on some of the issues raised by the author at the Ethical Society earlier on Jan. 20. Convener Sohail Ansari introduced the author at the event, attended by men and women from all the communities that are represented in Pakistan. During the evening address at Kababish …

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Author Presents Excerpts of `Aboard the Democracy Train’ in MissouriEvent Held in Ethical Society of St. Louis


The author of Aboard the Democracy Train gave a presentation of her book at an event sponsored by the Pakistani community in Missouri on Jan. 20. Held at the Ethical Society of St. Louis, Nafisa Hoodbhoy was the guest speaker during a two hour long session that explored specific topics relating to the effects of partition on Sindh, the ethnic …

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