Pakistan’s parliament becomes first in world to run entirely on solar powerRebecca Flood The Independent UK Feb 14, 2016

Pakistan’s parliament has become the first in the world to run entirely on solar power. Known as the Majlis-e-Shoora, the seat of the government in the country’s capital, Islamabad, is now wholly powered by the sun. First announced in 2014, the venture has been funded by the Chinese government as an act of friendship, with the solar power plant costing …

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195 Nations Seal Climate DealAFP

LE BOURGET, Dec 13: To rousing cheers and tears of relief, envoys from 195 nations approved Saturday an accord to stop global warming, offering hope that humanity can avert catastrophic climate change and usher in an energy revolution. French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius ended nearly a fortnight of grueling UN negotiations in Paris with the bang of a gavel, marking …

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Pakistan facing climate ‘calamity’ if warnings go unheededBy AFP

Floods ravage Pakistan
(Credit: mnn.com)

KARACHI, Dec 10: Karachi, 2050: The sprawling megacity lies crumbling, desiccated by another deadly heat wave, its millions of inhabitants suffering life-threatening water shortages and unable to buy bread that has become too expensive to eat. It sounds like the stuff of dystopian fiction but it could be the reality Pakistan is facing. With its northern glaciers melting and its population …

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Water insecurityBy Naseer Memon (The News, 1st Nov 2015)

Water is considered as one of the most curcial non-conventional security drivers that can have potentially devastating implications for inter-state and intra-state relations. Pakistan, with its shared water lines across and within the borders has endured onerous challenges on both fronts. This explains the paramountcy of water security for Pakistan. With rapidly multiplying population and unabated urbanisation, water will remain …

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Afghanistan-Pakistan earthquake: Village leaders warn children unprotected from freezing conditionsABC News

Oct 2015 quake victims
(Credit: emirates247.com)

Earthquake survivors in Pakistan and Afghanistan have emerged from a third night without shelter, as village leaders warn they have nothing to protect children from the freezing conditions. Desperate victims have appealed for blankets, warm clothes and food after Monday’s magnitude-7.5 quake ripped through the region, killing nearly 390 people and levelling thousands of homes and forcing many to camp …

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Huge quake jolts north Afghan rangeBy Sudarsan Raghavan and Tim Craig The Washington Post

KABUL, Oct 26 — A massive earthquake rocked northeastern Afghanistan on Monday with devastating tremors rippling across the region, leaving more than 145 dead amid collapsed buildings, panicked stampedes and fears of landslides. Officials braced for even more casualties. The full extent of damage and human toll was not immediately clear as rescue teams tried to assess areas hardest hit …

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Ten years on…By Naseer Memon (The News, Political Economy section-4th Oct 2005)

Balakot after quake
(Credit: globalsecurity.org)

October 8, 2005 evokes poignant memories of a devastating earthquake that jolted northern parts of the country early morning. Ten years on, thoughts of that day continue to shake millions of hearts of those who lost their loved ones in the tragic incident. The jolt measuring 7.6 on the Richter scale catapulted the Himalayan region of northern Pakistan and Kashmir. …

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In Karachi, a Fatal Mix of Heat and PietyBy MOHAMMED HANIF The New York Times Op-Ed

KARACHI, Pakistan — WHEN I go to buy my drinking water, I don’t ask for water. I ask for Nestlé. Then I drive home with five 20-liter plastic bottles and make sure that we make every cup of tea, and all our ice, from this water. Like other people in this city, I believe the tap water is poisonous. During …

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Karachi Heat Wave Death Toll Tops 650, Officials SayBy SABA IMTIAZ and DECLAN WALSH

Karachi heat wave kills hundreds
(Credit: ibtimes.co.uk)

KARACHI, June 23— Karachi’s poor have long learned to cope with the many adversities that afflict Pakistan’s most crowded and chaotic city, including flooding, street violence and political crises. But since a suffocating heat wave descended on Karachi three days ago, killing at least 650 people, they have found no respite and no escape. “It’s so hot,” said a security …

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Delhi Wakes Up to an Air Pollution Problem It Cannot IgnoreNeighboring Pakistan's aviation, health & agriculture also suffers
By GARDINER HARRIS, The New York Times

Pollution on Indo Pak border (Credit: darkroomindopakborder.com)

NEW DELHI, India, Feb 14  — For years, this sprawling city on the Yamuna River had the dirtiest air in the world, but few who lived here seemed conscious of the problem or worried about its consequences. Now, suddenly, that has begun to change. Some among New Delhi’s Indian and foreign elites have started to wear the white surgical masks …

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Starved for Energy, Pakistan Braces for a Water CrisisBy Salman Masood, The New York Times

Water conservation failure
leads to desertification (Credit: rendezvous.blog.nytimes.com)

ISLAMABAD, Feb 14 — Energy-starved Pakistanis, their economy battered by chronic fuel and electricity shortages, may soon have to contend with a new resource crisis: major water shortages, the Pakistani government warned this week. A combination of global climate change and local waste and mismanagement have led to an alarmingly rapid depletion of Pakistan’s water supply, said the minister for …

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For Saudis and Pakistan, a Bird of ContentionBy DECLAN WALSH, FEB. 7, 2015, The New York Times

Gulf hunters in Balochistan (Credit: siasat.com)

For decades, royal Arab hunting expeditions have traveled to the far reaches of Pakistan in pursuit of the houbara bustard — a waddling, migratory bird whose meat, they believe, contains aphrodisiac powers. Little expense is spared for the elaborate winter hunts. Cargo planes fly tents and luxury jeeps into custom-built desert airstrips, followed by private jets carrying the kings and …

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Population Explosion & Mass Rural Migrations Shape South Asia’s Mega CitiesBy Arif Hasan, Himalmag.com

Karachi mega city (Credit skyscrapercity.com)

Well, first of all, Kanak, Himal and the India International Centre, thank you so much for having arranged this and having invited me. Delhi is special to me. I was born here, and left Delhi on the last train that ever went from Delhi to Karachi. That was the 15th of August, 1947. So it’s always nice, in a way, …

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Who’s Afraid of Nilofer?Dawn Newspaper

Cyclone Nilofer in Karachi
(Credit: thenewstribe.com)

KARACHI, Oct 30: The Sindh government has announced a holiday on Friday, declared emergency in the metropolis and four other districts and made arrangements for the board and lodging of coastal area residents being shifted to safe places in view of the cyclone that is heading towards the coast at a speed of 14 kilometres per hour. Nilofar — the …

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Balochistan Grows Poorer Sitting on Mounds of GoldBy Shezad Baloch | The Express Tribune

Reko Diq
(Credit: thenewstribe.com)

QUETTA, Oct 25: The Balochistan government is under pressure to accept a negotiated settlement in a dispute with a company – Tethyan Copper Company (TCC), which was engaged in mining at Reko Diq Copper and Gold Project and which now seeks monetary compensation for federal and Balochistan governments’ ‘breaches of contract and treaty rights’ at an international court.  During the recent …

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Deadly landslides and flooding hit India and Pakistantheguardian.com | September 6, 2014

Deadly floods in subcontinent
(Credit: wn.pk.com)

Heavy monsoon rains and flash floods have killed 110 people in Pakistan and 86 people in India, officials said on Saturday, as forecasters warned of more rain in the coming days and troops raced to evacuate people from deluged areas. The annual monsoon season has struck hard across the region, leaving people to wade through rushing water in towns and …

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UN Test Finds Tsunami Could “Wipe Out” KarachiBy AFP

KARACHI, Sept 10: Pakistan’s largest city Karachi, home to around 18 million people, could be “wiped out” by a tsunami, officials said Wednesday after a drill simulating a major earthquake in the Indian Ocean. The test and one carried out a day earlier, simulating another quake off Indonesia, were designed to check an early-warning system set up after the 2004 …

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Pumping out Poverty with National ResourcesBy Naseer Memon | The News International

“Had the income of oil companies been properly spent, towns of Sanghar, Ghotki and Badin would have paralleled Paris.” Supreme Court’s quip is not too far from the reality. Catching a glimpse of scruffy towns and villages in these districts, one would not believe that the areas overlay the wealth of hydrocarbons worth several billion dollars. Remarks of the judge …

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Merry makers Drown in Karachi’s Rough Seas over EidAFP

Clifton beach (Credit themalaysianinsider.com)

Karachi, July 31 – At least 21 bathers have drowned in rough seas off Pakistan’s biggest city Karachi, officials said Thursday, after defying a ban on swimming during the monsoon season. The bathers were among thousands who had taken to the beaches to celebrate the Eid-ul-Fitr holiday, which began on Tuesday and continues until Friday. Senior police officer Ibadat Nisar …

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One year after shocking terrorist attack, Pakistan’s peaks bereft of foreign climbersBy Tim Craig | The Washington Post

Fairy Meadows
(Credit: paktravelguide.com)

FAIRY MEADOWS, Pakistan June 29 — For more than five decades, locals have called it “Killer Mountain,” a reminder of the risks of trying to scale beautiful, snow-topped Nanga Parbat. More than 100 climbers and porters have died on the steep, rocky ascent up the world’s ninth-highest mountain — a fact Pakistan once touted in a bid to lure thrill-seekers. …

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