Appeal by Embassy of Pakistan in Washington DC

Floods in Nawabshah. (Courtesy Manzoor Mirani)

As you are aware the southern parts of Pakistan, particularly the Sindh province, has been devastated with severe rains and floods. In the past few days the affected areas have received 142% more rains than normal. Twenty one districts of the Sindh province are particularly severely affected and 4.1 million acres of land have been inundated. The estimated number of flood affectees is more than 5 million. One hundred and forty one lives have been lost. The Government of Pakistan has established 4,000 relief camps where more than 150,000 people are being provided relief and refuge.

The Government of Pakistan has mobilized all its resources to help the affected people. Unfortunately, the devastation caused by rains and floods is such that the Government of Pakistan is constrained to request international assistance. The President of Pakistan has, therefore, appealed to the international community and to the Pakistani Diaspora to provide relief and assistance for the affected people.

You are requested to kindly step forward and help Pakistan overcome this latest challenge. The most immediate needs are tents, aqua tablets, water purifiers, food, de-watering plants and medicines.

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