SECURITY INTELLIGENCE BOOK REVIEW The Spy Chronicles: RAW, ISI and the Illusion of Peace By IMAD ZAFAR JUNE 1, 2018 (Asia Times)


The book The Spy Chronicles: RAW, ISI and the Illusion of Peace, co-authored by the former chief of Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), General Asad Durrani, and A S Dulat, the former chief of India’s Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), has created a buzz around South Asia. Former counterparts from the rival countries’ intelligence services coming together to produce a book …

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Interview on Freedom of Media in PakistanRehman Bunairee (Deewa TV) Washington DC May 2018

IMG_2120 (1)

In this interview with Rehman Bunairee of Deewa (Pushtu) television, the author is asked about why the Pushtun Tahafuz Movement has been censored in Pakistan despite holding big rallies across the country. Her answer, translated on the spot in Pushtu, states that the size of the rallies has brought newspaper outlets to cover the event. According to her, the PTM’s …

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Pakistan authorities block distribution of oldest newspaperReporters Without Borders May 20, 2018


Distribution of the English-language daily Dawn, Pakistan’s oldest newspaper, is being disrupted in much of the country since it published an interview with former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. Reporters Without Borders (RSF) condemns this latest attack on media freedom. The interview, which reportedly displeased the Pakistani military, appeared in the 12 May (Saturday) issue and the blocking began on 15 …

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Pakistani ethnic rights group stages first rally in KarachiSaad Sayeed (REUTERS) May 13, 2018

Pasheen rally

KARACHI (Reuters) – A Pakistani ethnic Pashtun rights group on Sunday staged its first rally in the southern city of Karachi, the site of a killing in January that sparked the movement and led to nationwide protests and rallies. The Pashtun Tahaffuz Movement (PTM) emerged after the January killing by police of Pashtun youth Naqibullah Mehsud in Karachi. A crowd …

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Plane returns from Rawalpindi leaving US diplomat in lurchThe Express Tribune May 12, 2018

col jos

ISLAMABAD: An aircraft that arrived at the PAF’s Nur Khan Airbase in Rawalpindi to reportedly fly out Colonel Joseph Emanuel Hall of the United States’ embassy has returned after the diplomat failed to obtain clearance from pertinent authorities. Sources told The Express Tribune that officials at the airbase reached the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) to determine if the diplomat was …

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Iranians fear the future after Trump exits Iran nuclear dealby Ali Arouzi and Saphora Smith (May 10, 2018) NBC News

TEHRAN, Iran — President Donald Trump’s withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal has left a bitter taste in the mouths of many people here in the Islamic republic. Many Iranians hoped the Obama-era pact would lead to prosperity and closer ties with the West. But with the agreement now on the rocks, some Iranians feel double-crossed by America and say …

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India, Pakistan Set for Counterterror Drills — Together, in RussiaBy Nafisa Hoodbhoy VOA Central News (Published May 3, 2018)

indo pak drills

Washington, May 3: In an unprecedented move, nuclear-capable South Asian rivals India and Pakistan are gearing up to take part in joint military drills. Last week, Indian Defense Minister Nirmala Sitharaman confirmed that India would participate in anti-terrorism military drills alongside Pakistan. The two nations, partitioned in 1947, agreed to train under the auspices of the eight-member Shanghai Cooperation Organization …

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Another $1 billion loan makes its way from ChinaBy Shahbaz Rana (April 29, 2018) The Express Tribune

ISLAMABAD: Desperate to boost foreign exchange reserves over the $11-billion mark, Pakistan has received another loan of $1 billion from the China Development Bank as authorities remain adamant, at least in public, not to read the writing on the wall. Pakistan secured on Saturday financing of $1 billion, said Dr Miftah Ismail, the newly-appointed finance minister, while addressing a post-budget …

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The British find Allies in the Conquest of Sindh in 1843Aga Khan’s Mahallat in Jheeruk Preserved for Posterity

Jhirk 2

After the conquest of Sind in 1259/1843, the British attempted to subjugate neighbouring Baluchistan, in which the Aga Khan again helped them militarily and diplomatically. From Jerruk, where the Aga Khan was staying after February, 1843, he contacted the various Baluchi chieftains, advising them to submit to the British rule. He also sent his brother Muhammad Bakir Khan together with …

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`Clouds of War Billowing from Attack on Syria’ – Sindh TV interviewAnchor - Fayyaz Naich


In this current affairs program, the Washington based author speaks about how the US and European allies made a strategic decision to conduct a limited bombing of chemical weapons in Syria – with the express intent of regaining a foot hold in the Middle East. Sindh TV anchor Fayyaz Naich interviews Nafisa Hoodbhoy on the US decision to intervene militarily …

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Jamshoro, SINDH: Zakia Ejaz from Dharti TV speaks to visiting journalist Nafisa Hoodbhoy about her background and what she experienced as the only woman reporter for Dawn under Gen. Zia ul Haq. Now based in Washington DC, Hoodbhoy speaks about the draw of Pakistan and Sindh even while she lives and works overseas. In particular, she analyzes the conditions for …

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`Pakistan Risks Total Alienation if its Policies don’t Change’ – Author`Mukalma’ with Dr Jabbar Khattak


In an interview with Awami Awaz editor, Dr Jabbar Khattak, the author discusses why Pakistan has come to a turning point where it has to choose to revise its policies or face total alienation in the international community. During the wide ranging interview on foreign policy, Nafisa Hoodbhoy speaks about how the Trump administration views Pakistan on account of the …

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Hundreds of Copies of `Aboard the Democracy Train’ Sell Across PakistanUpdated Edition `Pakistan Tracks the Threat Within' Restocked in Book Stores


The updated edition of Aboard the Democracy Train, Pakistan Tracks the Threat Within has sold hundreds of copies across Pakistan, with most of the sales having taken place in Karachi. Published by Paramount Books, Karachi in 2016 in hard cover, the final edition brings the reader up to speed on the title originally published by Anthem Books, London in 2011. …

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Chinese workers thrash policemen in KhanewalSajjad Akbar Shah (Dawn Newspaper) April 4, 2018


Chinese engineers and other staffers, engaged in the construction of M4 Motorway from Bahawalpur to Faisalabad, attacked policemen deployed for their security after the foreign workers were barred from leaving their camp’s premises without a security squad, DawnNewsTV reported on Wednesday. Several mobile phone clips doing rounds on social media show Chinese nationals approaching the police officials in a provocative …

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The Taliban Have Gone High-Tech. That Poses a Dilemma for the U.S.By THOMAS GIBBONS-NEFF and JAWAD SUKHANYAR (The New York Times)


WASHINGTON — Once described as an ill-equipped band of insurgents, the Taliban are increasingly attacking security forces across Afghanistan using night-vision goggles and lasers that United States military officials said were either stolen from Afghan and international troops or bought on the black market. The devices allow the Taliban to maneuver on forces under the cover of darkness as they …

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Archives and Manuscripts at the Bodleian LibraryDonation of a Sindhi artist’s manuscript


We have recently received the generous donation of an illustrated history of the Mirs of Sindh, given in memory of its author and illustrator Mrs. Amina G. Hyder Khaliqdina (1919 -1959). Amina’s family have written an account of her remarkable story and kindly given permission for it to be posted here. Amina was born on 19th April 1919 in Hyderabad, …

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U.S. sanctions Pakistani companies over nuclear tradeDrazen Jorgic


ISLAMABAD (Reuters) – The United States has imposed sanctions on seven Pakistani companies over suspicion they have links to the nuclear trade, potentially hurting Pakistan’s ambitions to join the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG). Pakistani government spokesmen could not be immediately reached for comment on Monday. Relations between the United States and Pakistan have been strained in recent years over Pakistan’s …

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‘May God Kill Your Own Son’: Bomb Rips Families Apart in KabulBy FATIMA FAIZI and ROD NORDLAND MARCH 21, 2018 (The New York Times)


KABUL, Afghanistan — A suicide bomber detonated explosives in a crowd celebrating the Persian New Year in Kabul, Afghanistan, on Wednesday, killing 31 and leaving desperate family members searching among bodies and body parts for their loved ones’ remains. The victims were strewn around the courtyard in front of the Ali Abad Hospital in Kabul, where relatives preparing for burials …

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NGOs Convene to Discuss Matters of Survival


Karachi, March 18: Non governmental organizations (NGOs) and International NGO representatives gathered in Karachi on Sunday to meet with the author of the `Democracy Train,’ and express their concern at the restrictions being imposed by the government to carry on their daily activities. The NGO representatives were especially concerned that their colleagues working with the INGOs could lose their jobs …

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`The Changing Colors of Pakistani Politics’ – Mustafa Jarwar KTN


`The Changing Colors of Pakistani Politics,’ was the theme of the KTN show hosted by Mustafa Jarwar on the situation inside Pakistan and as it is affected by international events. Participants including outgoing PPP Senator Dr Karim Khawaja and visiting US based journalist, Nafisa Hoodbhoy. The discussions covered Pakistan’s growing isolation in the international community, as it relates to placing …

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