Strengthening Participatory Organization (SPO) Update on Sindh Flood

The recent torrential rains have created havoc in Sindh. More than 350 people have lost their lives, 8,8million people have been affected among them 1.36 million are children and 240000 pregnant women facing hardships under open sky.

Now the rains have stopped, the flood water is standing in almost all cities and villages of Sindh. Due to breaches in the left bank outfall Drainage, in the kacha area of Dadu , Nain Gaj ,more than 25ft of water flowed into the area and caused human loss. Live stock and house hold items poverty stricken people also washed away. This is not the first time that the LBOD has severely affected and displaced the population of Badin.

The recent spell of heavy rains and flood has reinforced the losses caused by last year’s devastating floods. People are still struggling with severe problems like shortage food and clean drinking water, unhygienic living conditions, pregnant women have their own health problems and children are facing vector borne diseases. On the other hand, Government’s relief operation is too slow to address their needs. People also complain of political influence while distribution of relief goods.

Following table will help in understanding the level damage in different districts;

Sr # District Affected Taluqa UCs Villages Population Agri Land Houses
01 Badin 5 46 6300 1021000 343000 382000
02 MP Khas 6 41 5700 705000 134000 118000
03 Jamshoroo 4 25 614 8400 5820 75000
04 Benazirabad 4 51 4100 900000 125000 300000
05 Tando AY 3 19 1254 270890 66500 28000
06 Tando MK 3 16 1555 267000 68000 51000
07 Umarkot 4 27 1651 180000 160745 Acers 84474 Fully Damage & 77076 Partially Damage


Sr # District Deaths Livestock Relief Camps Population of Camps
01 Badin 50 60% 500 670,000
02 MP Khas 43 230 147 57269
03 Jamshoroo 15 14 9000 – 1000 local IDPs6000 IDPs from other district.
04 Benazirabad 32 80 Thousand to 1 Lac 625 28630
05 Tando AY
06 Tando MK 15 75 119 11873
07 Umarkot 42 Loses17368Vaccinated 340960

Drenched 9385

Treated 13360

Total Affected


132 238976 IDPs in schools,Tents City, Open Sky & Other Govt Building

For more on the Sindh flood, watch the interview by SPO chief Naseer Memon to Netherlands Web based television ‘The Water Channel

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  1. Dear Sir,


    Ajrak Foundation is a Non Government; non religious, non political & nonprofit organization was established in April, 05, 2012 and registered under the Societies Act-XX1 of 1860 in December, 16, 2013 for the betterment of disadvantaged segment of the society. It is also symbol of cultural heritage of Sindh Province.
    Socio economic empowerment of unprivileged communities especially rural women & children at the grass root level.
    To bring positive change socially and economically in unprivileged communities and build prosperous, peaceful & tolerant society through various socio economic interventions.
    1- To improve life standard of most deprived segment of the society
    2- To create socio economic awareness among the marginalized communities
    3- To address development issues as social and economic development through advocacy , social mobilization and symposiums
    4- To encourage and educate the people for the sustainable development and skill enhancements opportunities
    5- To encourage and advocate the people about Health, Education, environment protection and gender equality
    6- To alleviate poverty through micro credit for Enterprise, livestock and agriculture development and organize capacity building programs for borrowers
    7- To celebrate National and international days as human Rights, women Rights and children rights
    8- To raise voice for missing community infrastructure at various forums
    9- To form Cos, VOs and LSOs at village, Deh and Union council levels
    10- To strive for person with disability
    11- To raise voice against bonded labor
    12- To strive for establishing political, religious and ethnic harmony and peace
    13- To provide relief, recovery and rehabilitation in case of any natural and man made disaster i.e. Flood, Cyclone, heavy rains, earth quakes, road accidents and fire etc.
    It is therefore requested to you kindly provide us an organizational support.

    Thanks & regards
    Yours truly,
    zafar Ali Qureshi

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