Jawaid’s Work Place in Virginia Pays Rich Tributes for his Services (June 15, 2019)

Glowing tributes were paid on June 15 to Jawaid Bhutto for his work as a mental health counselor at Welford Street Community Residences Inc. in Virginia.

The management of CRI and his colleagues described Jawaid as a thorough professional, who arrived on time, inspected the quarters to make sure that mentally challenged residents were “still alive” and then proceeded to ask the shift staff if they had fulfilled their duties.

CRI staff said that Jawaid never let on that he was a philosopher. It was only when the newspapers and television reported the incident against him that they found out his background.

His manager from Africa, Ayo Whetho said that the depth of Jawaid’s knowledge about his country surprised him. He found Jawaid to be a learned person who was well informed in history.

One by one, his colleagues praised Jawaid’s modesty. They said that despite being a “very intelligent” person, he never projected himself or imposed his ideas on others.

Staff members paying tribute to him on the occasion described Jawaid as a very gentle person “who would not hurt a fly.”

There were tears in the eyes of several staff as they eulogized him.

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  1. Thanks for keeping us posted about Jawed sb. I request if Aboard the demcracy train could upload any videos of this memorial event.. .

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