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Author’s Interview on NBC Television the Day After March 1 Incident Raises Questions re US Systems

nh NBC

The author’s interview to NBC television was recorded at the home of mutual friends in Virginia, a day after the heinous incident against Jawaid Bhutto. In it, she speaks about how the couple had elected to live in Anacostia, DC since 2003. They kept good relations with all the neighbors, believing in the essential goodness of human nature regardless of …

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The Origins of Imran Khan’s Rise to PowerAdapted from `Aboard the Democracy Train, Pakistan Tracks the Threat Within' (Copyright: Nafisa Hoodbhoy)

pti rally

The Pakistani Taliban routinely used terror attacks on civilians and army targets as a lever to stop US drone strikes, and expand their hold on territory. A decade after 9/11, their guerrilla tactics became bolder. At times they acted in concert with army insiders to carry out a stunning number of terrorist attacks at military and naval bases, airports, docks …

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Interview on Freedom of Media in PakistanRehman Bunairee (Deewa TV) Washington DC May 2018

IMG_2120 (1)

In this interview with Rehman Bunairee of Deewa (Pushtu) television, the author is asked about why the Pushtun Tahafuz Movement has been censored in Pakistan despite holding big rallies across the country. Her answer, translated on the spot in Pushtu, states that the size of the rallies has brought newspaper outlets to cover the event. According to her, the PTM’s …

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`Clouds of War Billowing from Attack on Syria’ – Sindh TV interviewAnchor - Fayyaz Naich


In this current affairs program, the Washington based author speaks about how the US and European allies made a strategic decision to conduct a limited bombing of chemical weapons in Syria – with the express intent of regaining a foot hold in the Middle East. Sindh TV anchor Fayyaz Naich interviews Nafisa Hoodbhoy on the US decision to intervene militarily …

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Jamshoro, SINDH: Zakia Ejaz from Dharti TV speaks to visiting journalist Nafisa Hoodbhoy about her background and what she experienced as the only woman reporter for Dawn under Gen. Zia ul Haq. Now based in Washington DC, Hoodbhoy speaks about the draw of Pakistan and Sindh even while she lives and works overseas. In particular, she analyzes the conditions for …

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`Pakistan Risks Total Alienation if its Policies don’t Change’ – Author`Mukalma’ with Dr Jabbar Khattak


In an interview with Awami Awaz editor, Dr Jabbar Khattak, the author discusses why Pakistan has come to a turning point where it has to choose to revise its policies or face total alienation in the international community. During the wide ranging interview on foreign policy, Nafisa Hoodbhoy speaks about how the Trump administration views Pakistan on account of the …

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Hundreds of Copies of `Aboard the Democracy Train’ Sell Across PakistanUpdated Edition `Pakistan Tracks the Threat Within' Restocked in Book Stores


The updated edition of Aboard the Democracy Train, Pakistan Tracks the Threat Within has sold hundreds of copies across Pakistan, with most of the sales having taken place in Karachi. Published by Paramount Books, Karachi in 2016 in hard cover, the final edition brings the reader up to speed on the title originally published by Anthem Books, London in 2011. …

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`The Changing Colors of Pakistani Politics’ – Mustafa Jarwar KTN


`The Changing Colors of Pakistani Politics,’ was the theme of the KTN show hosted by Mustafa Jarwar on the situation inside Pakistan and as it is affected by international events. Participants including outgoing PPP Senator Dr Karim Khawaja and visiting US based journalist, Nafisa Hoodbhoy. The discussions covered Pakistan’s growing isolation in the international community, as it relates to placing …

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US Foreign Policy Vis-i-Vis Pakistan – Interview on Awaz Television Imran Mir


US foreign policy and regional realignments were discussed in a television show hosted by Imran Mir of Awaz Television, with journalist and author Nafisa Hoodbhoy and ex PPP Senator Dr Karim Khawaja on Monday in Karachi. The program, Jawab Do (Give an Answer) was a conversation between a PPP politician and the visiting independent analyst about why Pakistan finds itself …

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Evening Get-together by St. Louis community


An evening get together at a local restaurant in St. Louis, Missouri picked up on some of the issues raised by the author at the Ethical Society earlier on Jan. 20. Convener Sohail Ansari introduced the author at the event, attended by men and women from all the communities that are represented in Pakistan. During the evening address at Kababish …

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Author Presents Excerpts of `Aboard the Democracy Train’ in MissouriEvent Held in Ethical Society of St. Louis


The author of Aboard the Democracy Train gave a presentation of her book at an event sponsored by the Pakistani community in Missouri on Jan. 20. Held at the Ethical Society of St. Louis, Nafisa Hoodbhoy was the guest speaker during a two hour long session that explored specific topics relating to the effects of partition on Sindh, the ethnic …

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Review of Aboard the Democracy Train: A Journey Through Pakistan’s Last Decade of DemocracyKaustubh Kirti's Reviews Dec 29, 2017


A thrilling tale that follows the death of Zia on 1988 and folllows much of Pakistan’s history till the shahadat of Benazir Bhutto. The book gives a close acccount of what goes behind the scene in the political landscape and how specific events change the functioning of democracy in Pakistan. Fragility of the civil institutions have directly been related to …

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Steve Edwards’s Reviews > Aboard the Democracy Train: A Journey Through Pakistan’s Last Decade of DemocracySteve Edwards's review Nov 26, 2017 (Goodsreads)


Light on character development and providing few insights into the why? of deeply ingrained cultural traditions that superficially at least appear discriminatory, running contrary to values held dear by liberal “westernized” elites from democratic societies. Otherwise, for the outsider, an exposition of the defacto politics, current affairs and attitudes of a troubled region in the midst of fracticious change and …

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Behind the NewsSindhTV Interview (


As the Obama effect wears off and a new sheriff comes to Washington DC, Nafisa Hoodbhoy analyzes the Trump effect on the global landscape, most prominently its impact on the Pakistan region. The interview was conducted by Sindh TV anchor Fayyaz Naich in Feb, 2017. It discusses Russia’s reinsertion in international politics and how Cold War tensions keep the US …

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`Riding the Democracy Train’ – Book ReviewBy Ibrahim Buriro (Sindh Express Newspaper) April 15, 2017


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Book Readers at Karachi Press Club get International Perspective on Pak PoliticsWhy Pakistan Finally Resolved to `Track the Threat Within'


Karachi, March 10: Journalists, writers, poets and political activists heard Nafisa Hoodbhoy speak about the final updated edition of her book, `Aboard the Democracy Train, Pakistan Tracks the Threat Within,’ at an event held at the Karachi Press Club on Friday. Moderated by senior journalist and anchor person, Mujahid Barelvi, the audience also heard from former assistant editor of Dawn …

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BBC Film `Brides of the Quran’ on Youtube (Excerpt from `Aboard the Democracy Train’)

Brides of Quran snapshot

Journeying through interior Sindh, I stumbled upon large numbers of unmarried, graying women who lived in ancestral homes located in Hyderabad, Thatta, Matiari and Hala. Time hung heavy on their hands. Equipped with little education and no exposure to the outside world, these women had never been exposed to men in their lives. In 1992, during a journalistic jaunt, I …

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Aboard the Democracy Train: Make Sure it RunsBy Peter Jacob The Express Tribune September 21, 2016


I borrowed the first half of topic today from the title of Nafisa Hoodbhoy’s book launched recently in Pakistan. In this nearly biographic work, she narrates her voyage as a journalist and activist in the 80s and 90s which I found particularly valuable for understanding the complexities of a fragile democratic arrangement that emerged after the sudden death of General …

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‘Pakistan Has Never Had a Functioning Democracy’THE WIRE Akbar Notezai Sept 17, 2016


Nafisa Hoodbhoy, the first female reporter in Pakistan, talks about the country’s ties with China, civil-military relations, terrorism and much more. Nafisa Hoodbhoy is a senior Pakistani journalist and author based in the US. She recently authored Aboard the Democracy Train: Pakistan Tracks the Threat Within, a book about politics and journalism in Pakistan. As the only female reporter working …

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ATDT, Pakistan Tracks the Threat Within, Now at Book Fairs

Edited 2016 Cover

Aboard the Democracy Train, Pakistan Tracks the Threat Within, recently published by Paramount Books, will be on display at the Annual Book Fair being held by Paramount in Karachi, Peshawar and Lahore. The 2016 edition of the book (first published by Anthem Press, London in 2011), will be featured at the book fairs being held from August 27 to September …

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