Evening Get-together by St. Louis community

An evening get together at a local restaurant in St. Louis, Missouri picked up on some of the issues raised by the author at the Ethical Society earlier on Jan. 20.

Convener Sohail Ansari introduced the author at the event, attended by men and women from all the communities that are represented in Pakistan.

During the evening address at Kababish restaurant in St. Louis, the author shared her observations about how the expatriate community tended to stay in their comfort zones – Sindhis with Sindhis, Mohajirs with Mohajirs and women with women – just like within their home country.

She said that change could take place only if the expats worked to bring change within their own lives.

Afterwards, the community raised comments and questions pertaining to the homeland. These included the dilemmas they face because of their multiple nationalities as US and Pakistani citizens.

The video may be watched by following the link below:


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