`Clouds of War Billowing from Attack on Syria’ – Sindh TV interview

In this current affairs program, the Washington based author speaks about how the US and European allies made a strategic decision to conduct a limited bombing of chemical weapons in Syria – with the express intent of regaining a foot hold in the Middle East.

Sindh TV anchor Fayyaz Naich interviews Nafisa Hoodbhoy on the US decision to intervene militarily in Syria and the impact this might have in expanding the theatre of war.

In the second segment, the author speaks on the domestic political situation. She talks about how Pakistan’s foreign policy failures have resulted in the establishment tightening its grip on political parties and which has according to her led to `one sided accountability’ against the ruling party.

Speaking from the lens of her book `Aboard the Democracy Train,’ she says that the Pakistan establishment’s failure to respect the mandate of the electorate has resulted in manipulation and corruption of political parties, without any benefit to the people.

The interview can be viewed as follows:

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