Jamshoro, SINDH: Zakia Ejaz from Dharti TV speaks to visiting journalist Nafisa Hoodbhoy about her background and what she experienced as the only woman reporter for Dawn under Gen. Zia ul Haq.

Now based in Washington DC, Hoodbhoy speaks about the draw of Pakistan and Sindh even while she lives and works overseas.

In particular, she analyzes the conditions for journalists today as compared to the single TV and newspaper medium of the 1980s.

She speaks about how she has a changed perception of Pakistan because of her work in anchoring daily radio talk shows to the region.

In this capacity, she recommends that Pakistan change its militaristic posture to one that conducts legitimate trade with its neighbors.

According to her, this would also win the confidence of people who claim that their resources are being siphoned off to Islamabad, while they are `disappeared,’ and treated as hostile subjects in their own territory.

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